Use Case Tool

The tool for writing readable use cases.


Write use cases in XML with support from a provided XSD. The structure promotes the Use Case format described by Alistair Cockburn. The tool then generates use case documentation in HTML format with pretty links in-between the pages.

The XML sources are treated as a Maven project, so you can easily deploy them to a web server, version the source files, manage history of changes, and collaborate in a team.

UCTool is free, open source product licensed under the business-friendly Apache 2 license.


  • Clickable HTML links, that unfold references to sub-use cases, data structure definitions, etc. This is the single most important benefit. It makes the use cases very comprehensible and easy to read.
  • Automatic numbering of the use case steps and related extensions. The extension numbers and references to steps remain consistent even after creating or removing use case steps.
  • Well-organized, comprehensible and consistent look of the analytical outputs, as each item is generated to a common template.
  • Localization of the templates is easily supported, currently English and Czech are available out-of-the-box.
  • UCTool can be integrated into enterprise software development processes using its XSD import and export featues.

Using standard development tools like Maven and Eclipse also gives you the following:

  • Source code control on the XML source files of the use cases (e.g using Git or Subversion). Apart from excellent visibility of change history of the use cases this effectively enables a team of analysts to work on the same use cases at the same time, merging the individual modifications, if necessary.
  • Versioning and releasing of use cases using standard Maven capabilities.
  • Deployment of use cases to a web server using standard Maven capabilities.

CaseFu - UCTool as a service

CaseFu is a service that builds on UCTool and makes it very easy to be used. It let's you:

  • Edit use cases easily in an intuitive web app.
  • Generate output web site using UCTool under-the-covers on a push of a button.
  • Publish this web site for the readers on a public server.

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Have a look at the generated use case documentation for yourself in a sample analysis project created in UCTool:

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Read the UCTool tutorial:

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